Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Day In The Weekend of El Toro Fuerte: Ancient Skeletal Wrestler

This is El Toro Fuerte.
After a hard week's work with the League of Ancient Skeletal Wrestlers, I bet El Toro Fuerte has a busy weekend planned! Let's go and see what he's getting up to.

Hello, El Toro Fuerte!
What are you up to today?
That sounds like super fun! Can we join you?

Ok, let's go!
El Toro Fuerte is concerned about his carbon footprint and ALWAYS takes the bus. Do you like to ride the bus?
Sometimes the bus is late.
Ah, here it is.
El Toro Fuerte likes to watch all the things the bus passes.

What are we going to do first, El Toro Fuerte?

I see, it's time for lunch. El Toro Fuerte is having a sandwich.

Where shall we go next, El Toro Fuerte?

The museum, El Toro Fuerte? What a smashing idea!

El Toro Fuerte likes the Kodiak bear best. What's your favourite type of bear?
I wonder if El Toro Fuerte has found a new member for the League of Ancient Skeletal Wrestlers?
Next, El Toro Fuerte plays with the alphabot. Can you tell what the alphabot is spelling out?

Following the footprints in the bird gallery, El Toro Fuerte? Where do you think they'll lead you?
Can you tell what El Toro Fuerte is looking at? Yes, it's a ball of bones. I think he looks concerned. Don't worry, El Toro Fuerte!
El Toro Fuerte needs to do a spot of shopping. We can see he eats his fruit and vegetables! I expect that the League of Ancient Skeletal Wrestlers has to be healthy.

Sometimes, when the queue is very long, El Toro Fuerte gets a little bit cross.
Do you sometimes get cross?
Maybe he needs a little nap. We'll come back later, and see how you're doing, El Toro Fuerte.

Ah, El Toro Fuerte looks much happier now. That looks like a nice dinner!

As everyone knows, you have to do your chores before playing.
Do you have jobs to do around the house, El Toro Fuerte?

With the vacuuming out of the way, El Toro Fuerte can play with his new toy!
What's the matter, El Toro Fuerte? Are you tired? I think it might be his bedtime.

Don't forget to brush your teeth...

Good night, El Toro Fuerte!


Mouse said...

I can't wait for more of El Toro Fuerte's adventures!

Nettie said...


MadCarlotta said...



Hieronymous Anonymous said...

El Toro Fuerte got quite a lot of weird looks when we were out and about. Odd, that.

Nettie said...

I'm sure he did! I got enough strange looks taking Bimpkin out and about for tourist photos and that was just a gnome!

Tah said...

Very interesting blog. I look forward to more posts! :-)

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